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The church of Saint Symphorien in Vieil-Baugé is known for its amazing twisting bell tower built in 1856. It is one of the Bauge twisted steeple churches.

Thirty-two crooked church spires in France, six in the Baugeois (the area around Baugé). These churches have a spire that is crooked. In Fontaine Guérin the spire turns to the left, as opposed to the others… and in Le Vieil Baugé the spire is not only crooked but also leaning! Do the circuit of these remarkable churches in charming villages. Let the legends try to explain this strange construction : the devil’s hand, the kick of the mule of the Duc de Clarence, the hilarity during a young maiden’s wedding or abuse of wine by the workers … even if the phenomenon is probably simply due to wood that warpes,but magic is good for everyone !

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